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A Tribute To Stevie Ray Vaughan

Starshine started this conversation

This is what I wrote after hearing of his death in a matter of hours.

You would need to know the songs in the albums that are in parenthesis.

And especially from Live A Live as that was live and the song Cold Shot is my favorite.

He never played that song the same and when I took guitar lessons no books were out so my guitar teacher had to write the tablature out for me. I didn’t’ want to play by notes just play.  And if you could hear Stevie play on that song as well as others you would understand why I said what I did in that paragraph. It can be taken in another way but that is not what was intended as Stevie was just a natural on the guitar and man he could play it like no other for me!!


I use to live across the street from the original drummer of Dick Dale and Daletones and I wish I knew him when Back to The Beach was filmed as I could have been an extra watching Dick Dale and Stevie shred Pipeline- excellent!! I can play some of it but have to go fast. I miss those days.


You need to know he had a drug and alchol problem but he got clean and sober and was to celebrate a third or fourth year of being so but he died in a helicopter crash leaving Wisconsin gig. The man who piloted  it banked to the left as fog started setting in as others had gone to the right. In doing so he banked him and others 4 aboard into the new man made ski hill. It was real bittersweet for everyone as Stevie played a lot of tv shows by himself with the house band but it was Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble that made the sound. Now, the whole sound and group was gone. Stevie always spilt the earnings equally amoung the four. And he always signed people's card or saw them after his concert talking to them as they waited for him. Great musicians!!  I met him and Reese after seeing them in concert on 8/27/89 and met them 12:30 am on 8/28/89.


Here it is:


Born in Dallas

Growin’ up on the blues

Playin' in clubs

You loved singing those blues


Some dues are paid

“Texas Flood”,

New friends

And fans are made


In “Couldn’t Stand The Weather”

You still shine

as are pride and joy forever!


On “Soul to Soul” in “85”

Keyboards are added

A Grammy is shared

And we are so ecstatic!


Another year wait

And “Live A Live”is the bait

Willie the whimp you weren’t

As you played that guitar real great!


No more walkin’ the tightrope

Or wall of denial for you

With “Rivera Paradise” to soothe your soul

You admit your powerless

And need some control


Now free from your bondage

A better life you are livin’

As new insight is written

“In Step” has arisen!


“In Step” is playin’

Your face is beaming

Another Grammy’s given

And we stand cheerin’!


Once again

The house is a rockin’

Our feet are a stompin’

As the music you share

Leaves excitement in the air


Morning brings the news

Say what? we say

Life without you, Stevie

Oh no!

No way!


With tears in our eyes

And the blues in our hearts

It’s too late to change it

And so we must part


Parting only in life

But not in our hearts

As your music

And memories of you

Live on and on

For us, Stevie

You will always be

Our Number One

Favorite Blue’s Son!                                                    1990 copyrighted by me P.A.

                                                                                      God Bless You, Stevie

                                                                                     October3, 1954- August 27, 1990





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 in response to Emil...   Did you ever get to see him in concert??
Talk to Starshine
 in response to Emil...   I love him too and he is one of the greatest!!! I cried like a baby for a long time as he got clean and sober then his life ended. But we have the memories and music he left behind for us to enjoy.
Talk to Starshine

I love him... he's one of the greatest!!!

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 in response to Emil...   

I saw him again Dec 1 1990 and had three seats one on the floor and I went down there to watch him play that song.

Another of my favorites songs he covered.

Thanks Emil 

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 in response to Emil...   

Thank you Emil

I have every show except one he or they were on on tape. My boss would call me telling me going to be on such such ie Letterman. And my boss was on a trip in Chicago and I told him you know I won't be in till late as I have to stay up to tape just that show.

My favorite is no longer there on utube Crossfire. I have all the VHS tapes and I use to take my strat with me when I left my apartment!!

I will do a one to one why.

Thanks for the videos Emil


He was great huh??

Talk to Starshine

Talk to Builder1